Welcome to Owl About Yarn! If you are here, you probably love vibrant yarns and/or fibre, and you may have a passing interest in themed stitch markers and one of a kind, hand sewn, possibly geeky, project bags!

You’ve arrived at the perfect place! Here, we love colour! And themed knitting bling!

Have a look at the options in the menu to find exactly what you want to find. There are links to my shop, the podcast, the blog (which is where you will find the podcast shownotes) and the Ravelry group (which is where you can chat about all things Owl About Yarn, whether that’s something you’ve bought and loved from my shop, or something I said on the podcast which interested you.


There is also a contact page where you can email me. You can also contact me via pretty much anywhere you can find Owl About Yarn online!