Episode 23 – Alpacas Galore!

This episode sees me and the clan travelling to Toft Alpaca’s open day. I talk about the Instagram giveaway winner, the current KAL in the Ravelry group and the possibility of a new KAL. I talk about upcoming events including the West Wales Wool Show on the 8th October in Pembrokeshire, the Geeky Puffin Knit Palooza hosted by CC and Dami Almon and Sam Boggia which will be in Farnham, Surrey in November, the Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March and Wonderwool Wales in April!


Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelley Kang – added minis from Claire at NH Knits podcast.

Duchess of Devonshire Shawl by Kay Jones using Little Boo Knits yarns


Fork in the Road Socks by Lara Neel

Froot Loop Socks by Kristi Gelaci 


Denim skirt
Erin’s watermelon print dress

Stash from Toft and Sara’s Texture Crafts.

Odds and ends 

Congratulations to hbu82 on winning 1st prize at the Pembrokeshire County Show with socks knitted from my yarn!
Planning a new KAL for the autumn. Any preferences?

Owl About Yarn on Ravelry

There is an Owl About Yarn group on Ravelry. Did you know that? I always post a new thread for each podcast, and also post first there with shop news including discounts and giveaways. 

At the moment we have an ongoing KAL. It is called “Socks and Shawls, oh my!” and, as suggested by the name, we are making things to go around our necks or to put on our feet! It started when my friend Marie offered to design and knit five beaded lace shawls for a wedding. I had already decided to knit socks all summer and I thought that maybe if other people crafted along with us, it might encourage us to reach our goals!

At the time of writing there are 97 completed projects from 21 people taking part! With just a couple of weeks remaining until the end of August deadline, I have started to think about prizes. 

So far, there is a small drawstring project bag, a gorgeous hand made card from my friend Pam at Roath Crafts Market, a notions pouch sized tin of balm (great for dry hands for knitters!) from Nature’s Little Helpers (also at Roath Market) and a little random orange knit pouch that I made.

So why not come and join us? It’s a friendly group and I’d love to get to know more of you better. Plus, it’s the best way to make sure you don’t miss any exciting Owl About Yarn developments!

Episode 13 – Lucky for Some!


Jack’s hat
Erin’s jumper (both my own design)
Sock yarn blanket


John Arbon teal merino handspun


Owl About Yarn BFL handspun


Ben’s stripy blue handspun hat

The second Tallulah cardigan by Sarah Ronchetti (paid for pattern available on Ravelry)


Shop News

Four new yarn colourways and four new fibre colourways will be in the shop in the next couple of days. Plus oodles of new stitch markers!

Episode 12 – Organising

Tallulah Cardigan by Sarah Ronchetti which is a paid for pattern on Ravelry, gifted to me by Marie (Purplesnowdrop).
(Nearly a WIP – I’ve started it while the podcast was uploading!) – John Arbon merino fibre in a sort of sea-green colourway.

Owl About Yarn BFL “Rainbow”


Quay Shawlette
Pattern by Sara Millis of Sara’s Texture Crafts and the yarn is “Quay Parade” on Sparkle Owl from my own shop.


John Arbon Grape merino
Ben’s Blending board rolags combined with P&M Wool craft sparkly dark teal fibre

Stash Enhancement
Sara’s Texture Crafts fibre and Rosie’s Moments miniskeins from Bristol Wool Fair


Loose Ends
Quay Shawlette KAL ongoing – come and visit my Ravelry group in order to benefit from discounts and friendly encouragement and enabling!
Shop update – there’s new yarn, fibre and miniskeins in the shop this week.

Finished my Quay Shawlette!

I thought I’d pop in quickly and share the photos of my finished Quay Shawlette. I’m really pleased with how it came out. I’ve got the yarn started to knit my next one once Erin’s school cardigan is done.

I knit it on 4mm needles, with my own hand dyed yarn, Owl About Yarn Sparkle Owl “Quay Parade” colourway. The pattern is by Sara Millis of Sara’s Texture Crafts, and is available on Ravelry. And if you visit my Ravelry group, you will find discount codes for both the pattern and your choice of my yarn to knit it!



Episode 11 – Back to School!

Works in progress

Tallulah by Sarah Ronchetti (2nd one!)
Quay Shawlette by Sara Millis of Sara’s Texture Crafts
Owl About Yarn BFL ‘Rainbow’


Finished items



John Arbon ‘Grape’ merino (although I’m going to spin some more, but I have three finished skeins)


Unwind Yarn Company miniskeins


Bristol Wool Fair visit this coming weekend

Loose Ends

Come and visit the Ravelry group for discount codes on the Quay Shawlette pattern and on my yarn for the duration of the KAL (until 31st October)

Also, visit the “What makes you smile” thread and share happy thoughts!

Special yarn for my KAL

I was looking through my stash to find out what yarn I had available for my Ravelry group’s  knit along of Sara’s Quay Shawlette pattern (which is starting on Tuesday) and decided that as I wanted to use a very variegated yarn, I didn’t really have anything suitable. And so I decided to dye something especially for this pattern. I thought and thought about it, trying to decide on a colour combination to use and then I remembered that the street by the harbour in the town I grew up in, Aberaeron, is called Quay Parade. As the pattern is called Quay Shawlette, this felt like it could be something that I could work with. Aberaeron is a beautiful little Georgian town in Mid Wales and the buildings are painted in every shade. Alongside the harbour the houses look like a rainbow marching down the street, and so when you take those colours together with the deep blue of the harbour at high tide and the sky blue of a hot summer’s day, you get a wonderful, cheerful palette.

I took this on a grey day a few years ago, but try to imagine it at high tide with a glorious bright blue sky!
Quay Parade is the street that runs down the left hand side of the picture. There are many better photos than mine if you do a quick Internet search!

And so I introduce the Quay Parade colourway. I’ve dyed it on Sparkle Owl and Cuddly Owl bases, the skein I’ll be keeping for myself is a sparkly one.



I can’t wait to cast on on September 1st now!