New cast on (and it’s not socks!!)

I’ve deviated from my summer of socks pledge, and I’m wholly unapologetic! I blame the lovely Kay Jones (of the Bakery Bears podcast) as she had a one day sale on her patterns a little while ago and so I bought her “Duchess of Devonshire” shawl pattern. And I blame Deb from Little Boo Yarns for having gorgeously coloured yarns that called to me across the hall at Yarningham last month. Since I bought them they’ve been calling to be knit up, and so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

This shawl is going to be sparkletastic, with both the yarns I’m using having stellina in them. So I’ll have a gorgeously cheerful shawl for the winter. Awesome!

It’s not the best photo, I know, with the turquoise on the right being totally blown out, but I’m hoping that these two colourways will make a really pretty and beautifully wearable shawl. Here’s my progress so far…

I have to say, the 3.5mm needles (US 4) I’m using seem so clunky after knitting with sock needles for so long!

I’ll keep you updated on Instagram and the podcast as to my progress, but I’m hoping to have it finished in time to wear on the Great London Yarn Crawl next month.

Quay Shawlette KAL prize drawing!

Firstly, I want to apologise for being so late in drawing for these prizes. However, I’ve been sick with the Killer Never Ending Cold Which Was Probably Plague, and although I’m on the mend, I still don’t look really healthy. Just to make the point, I have this photo for you, freshly snapped…


…Hopefully I’m looking and feeling healthier next week so that I can podcast as promised, and generally get back into the swing of things!

Anyway, to return to the point, I decided that I should just get on with drawing the winners and stop waiting until I am able to podcast without coughing all over you! I thought I could document the process in pictures and it would be almost as good as a video. Maybe.

To start, I made a highly professional and sophisticated list of entrants.


As you can see from this very high tech record, there were seventeen completed shawlette, all eligible to win the Sara’s Texture Crafts gift voucher. Ten of which were knitted using my yarn and thus eligible for the second prize drawing for free yarn!

Right, let’s get to the exciting bit. I’m really excited!


(Was that convincing?! It’s as excited as I get whilst sleep deprived and feeling self pitying about my sore throat and coughing!)

OK, I’ll find someone who is better at expressing excitement.


She wanted to record a short message for you. She’s missing podcasting already!

For the first prize, then, a £10 gift voucher to be spent at I consulted…


And the winner was number 9, Mollysmakes! Congratulations!! Please contact Sara directly and she will organise your prize with you!

Second prize, a custom dyed skein of my yarn; chose number 8, BdLasGi!


Congratulations, Gi! Start thinking about what sort of colours you’d like, and whether you’d like sparkly or not sparkly yarn, and get in touch with me!

Finished my Quay Shawlette!

I thought I’d pop in quickly and share the photos of my finished Quay Shawlette. I’m really pleased with how it came out. I’ve got the yarn started to knit my next one once Erin’s school cardigan is done.

I knit it on 4mm needles, with my own hand dyed yarn, Owl About Yarn Sparkle Owl “Quay Parade” colourway. The pattern is by Sara Millis of Sara’s Texture Crafts, and is available on Ravelry. And if you visit my Ravelry group, you will find discount codes for both the pattern and your choice of my yarn to knit it!



Fancy a KAL?


On the 1st of September there will be a knitalong starting in Owl About Yarn Ravelry group. Sara from Sara’s Texture Crafts got in touch and asked whether I’d be interested in hosting a joint knit along featuring her new pattern, the Quay Shawlette. I had added this pattern to my Ravelry queue as soon as it was released and so I jumped at the chance, even though my Ravelry group is still quite small.

As an incentive there are discounts and prizes up for grabs! In my Ravelry group you will find discount codes which will give you 10% off the Quay Shawlette pattern and 10% off yarn from my shop for the duration of the KAL. The KAL will run from September 1st until Halloween, the 31st of October. If you decide to knit the pattern using my yarn you will be entered into a prize draw for a special skein of yarn which I will dye after the KAL ends. All participants in the KAL who finish the shawl within the time frame will be entered into a prize draw to win a £10 voucher to spend in Sara’s shop.

I really hope that you decide to join us; we’ve got some lovely knitters in the group already discussing yarns and colourways, and I’d love to see Sara’s pattern get lots of lovely exposure!

Leaving a trail of bunnies in my wake!

At Easter, Susan Claudino released a new pattern, Bonbon Bunny. I immediately fell in love with this pattern and decided to knit a handful of them. I knit the first one using fingering weight handspun yarn in purple and that one’s mine!


As I was knitting that one, Erin saw it and then she fell in love, which meant that an order was placed for another one. She went through my fibre stash and picked out the brightest pink merino silk fibre she could find which I spun up into an approximately DK weight yarn. It took a while but eventually I got round to knitting it for her, even using the eyes that she’d picked out of the Amieyes Etsy shop.


I have two nieces similar in age to Erin who are both knitworthy! Their Mum, my sister in law, is always really appreciative when I take the time to make something and so it’s a pleasure to knit for them. I had already decided to knit bonbon bunnies for my nieces but this decision was made absolute when my younger niece, who isn’t quite two years old yet, saw Erin’s bonbon bunny and asked for it repeatedly. I sped up the knitting then and took bonbon bunny number 3 to her house last weekend. The beaming smile that she greeted me with when she unwrapped her bunny was worth the sore fingers! And so that just left one bunny to knit for her big sister. And he’s finished!



So now I’m four bunnies to the good and I’m slightly bunnied out! I’ll be taking a little rest from toy knitting until I’ve caught up with some of my other projects, including school cardigans for Erin. I’m knitting her two cardigans in red DK yarn from the Tallulah pattern. It’s a lovely knit so far and I love the sleeve detail. I’m past the awkward shoulder and arm shaping and I’m thundering on down the first sleeve. Only fifteen days to go until my baby girl is a big grown up schoolgirl (if only in the mornings for this year). But I wanted her to have nice warm cardigans to wear this winter and I was very unimpressed with what was on offer in the shops. So I need to knit fast because I don’t think I’m even half way on the first cardigan yet! Keep your fingers crossed for me (unless you’re a knitter in which case cross your toes!).