About me



I’m Jennie; wife, mother, knitter, indie dyer, knitting designer, spinner, sewist, crafting butterfly! I live in Cardiff, Wales and before I came here for university (and never left) I lived in rural mid-Wales. I have three children; two sons aged 18 and 15 and a daughter who is 7 going on 17! I’ve got my own yarn and fibre business called Owl About Yarn and I’m struggling with the guilt involved in thoroughly enjoying your work! My aim is to build my yarn business up until it provides a decent second income for my family while still allowing me to be home full time for my children. My family have become accustomed to living surrounded by wool, and they are getting quite proficient to thinking up new names for colourways!

I am also co-host of The Knit-Tea Retreat and co-founder and owner of Cartref Yarn, both in partnership with my best friend, Zoë Carter of the Pins and Needles Podcast.

You can find me at the following places;



Instagram and Twitter: @owlaboutyarn

Ravelry: OwlAboutYarn


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