How is it May already?

In my head, the year is in the form of a clock. I’ve always visualised the year like this, for as long as I can remember. However, sometimes my calendar-clock lets me down.


For instance, here we are now at approximately 26 minutes past 2019. In my brain, it’s about ten to 2019, or 2018:50 if you will. This is very problematical when I’m working to longer range deadlines. As you can imagine, I am continually being shocked by time having moved more swiftly than my brain can compute!

Since I last wrote here, lots has changed. We got a dog! Her name is Molly and she is half poodle, half Golden Retriever and is a beloved addition to the family.img_20190504_192432817839970868862274483.jpg She has been featuring quite regularly on my Instagram account if you follow me there. Also, I am now the mother of an official adult. My oldest turned eighteen at the start of April and, to reinforce the point, he received his first polling card through the post yesterday!

In business news, Work-Wife Zoë and I have launched a whole new yarn line! This accounts for my radio silence over here, as the first few months of this year were largely spent on writing patterns and creating colourways. All of which were a secret until after Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March, which was the arbitrary date we had given ourselves to tell the world about Cartref Yarn. I’m really proud of this yarn. It is 100% Welsh, the fleece having been sourced in Wales, then gone through a Welsh mill to produce the final gorgeous yarn. We then brought it home to Cardiff and Barry Island and dyed it here. It hasn’t yet crossed a border, with the exception for a few trial miniskeins that we sent out for review! That yarn will be launching online next Friday, so if you like a proper woolly wool, please have a look at our website and our Instagram account.


I know a lot of you enjoy the vlogs that Zoë produces about our trips away, so you’ll be glad to hear that there’s one for our recent trip to Wonderwool Wales. The usual shenanigans and tomfoolery can be expected!

Finally, I’m in the midst of planning a lovely big shop update for next Saturday evening. I’ll be sending out a newsletter to announce the exact time once I’m confident I can get all of the pictures taken and listings written!

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