Summer holidays

When I left school, I really thought that my life would start following a cycle of a calendar year rather than an academic one. However, what I didn’t account for was becoming a parent and my year being inextricably linked with that of my children for an (as yet) undetermined amount of time! And so, a new year is about to begin. My three children have all had their long summer holiday, during which we have managed to do both too much and yet not quite enough.

What I’m referring to is the working parent’s guilt. Of course I’ve spent time with my children, had a little holiday, gone on the odd day trip, had movie afternoons and surprise ice cream excursions. And so not a lot has happened at work because of the lack of continuity and shortened working hours. And yet there is also that guilty feeling of not quite having spent enough time with my children. The questions arise in my brain about whether I should shut down entirely in school holidays, devote myself entirely to them. But that’s not how business works, that’s not how the world works and so we muddle on through.

We’ve had a lovely holiday to Yorkshire, dropped by Nottingham and Wollaton Hall on the way home and had lunch in Sherwood Forest! There was lots of knitting time on our various journeys and while we relaxed in our wooden lodge on the North Yorkshire moors, so I did a bit of pattern designing for the upcoming knitting retreat in October and I knitted gift socks too.

Speaking of the knitting retreat, Zoe and I have found time (somehow! In between catering for the 6 children that we have between us!) to launch and sell almost all the places at our second knitting retreat which will be in Stratford-Upon-Avon next June. The third retreat (back in Cardiff for October 2019) is in the planning stages and we have some very exciting tutors lined up!

I’ve managed to squeeze in a couple of shop updates over the holidays with batts entering my shop for the first time, along with a great big wodge of gorgeous DK yarns, self striping sock yarns and gradients.

There has been other behind-the-scenes work going on, like show applications for next year, pattern designing (I have four patterns that will be coming out in the next couple of months!), stock planning and kit planning – I’ve got at least two and maybe three kit ideas in my head, one of which I plan to release this autumn, so keep your eyes peeled! I’ve been very much like a swan (minus the elegance and beauty) with not much to see but lots of work going on under the surface!

So, it’s back to school week. New uniforms have been acquired, I’ve sold a spare kidney to pay for shoes, transport has (almost) been sorted out (don’t ask, it’s a very long story!) and by the end of the week all three kids will be out for at least six hours a day and my working routine can re-emerge from the summer haze.

But first, gin!