New cast on (and it’s not socks!!)

I’ve deviated from my summer of socks pledge, and I’m wholly unapologetic! I blame the lovely Kay Jones (of the Bakery Bears podcast) as she had a one day sale on her patterns a little while ago and so I bought her “Duchess of Devonshire” shawl pattern. And I blame Deb from Little Boo Yarns for having gorgeously coloured yarns that called to me across the hall at Yarningham last month. Since I bought them they’ve been calling to be knit up, and so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

This shawl is going to be sparkletastic, with both the yarns I’m using having stellina in them. So I’ll have a gorgeously cheerful shawl for the winter. Awesome!

It’s not the best photo, I know, with the turquoise on the right being totally blown out, but I’m hoping that these two colourways will make a really pretty and beautifully wearable shawl. Here’s my progress so far…

I have to say, the 3.5mm needles (US 4) I’m using seem so clunky after knitting with sock needles for so long!

I’ll keep you updated on Instagram and the podcast as to my progress, but I’m hoping to have it finished in time to wear on the Great London Yarn Crawl next month.

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