My new flock, courtesy of Toft Alpaca!

You remember how I talked about yarn as a souvenir of a day trip? (Much more satisfying and longer lasting than a stick of rock or tin of biscuits!) Well, I’ve expanded my horizons, as teeny tiny furry alpacas are so definitely a worthy souvenir of a fabulous day out at Toft Alpaca stud!

Welcome to my flock! 

At the front is Agamemnon (of course, as he was my first true alpaca love, I shall never forget him!). At the back on the left is Aphrodite and on the right is Aletheia. From my teeny tiny herd I am of course expecting teeny tiny adorable toy crias to be born next summer!

Introduced to their new pasture, Agamemnon stays protective of his females and curious as to what the photographer is doing.

But then he spots an especially luscious bit of grass and heads off to investigate, his tiny harem forgotten. They’ve not really been paying much attention to him anyway, and carry on their gossiping about the new neighbours.

Another gorgeous purchase from Toft was this gorgeous, fluffy, lighter than air pompom. I knew I’d been waiting for a reason before I made my Baable hat, and this was it! This pompom will be its crowning glory, and I can’t wait to cast on before the weather cools down!

I did buy actual crafting stuff as I treated myself to this woolly mammoth kit which has been on my mind since I first saw it at Wonderwool Wales in April. Plus I got an ergonomic crochet hook to see whether it’ll help with the pain I get in my hands. 

All in all, a nice bag of goodies, and I’m glad for every last bit of it!

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