#Toftis10 – alpacas galore!

The family and I had a fantastic day out on Saturday. We went to Toft Alpaca stud in Dunchurch, Warwickshire for their birthday open day. It was a fair drive from Cardiff, about 130 miles each way. But we were blessed with good weather, clear roads and good tempered children which made the whole experience more enjoyable! 

It was such a lovely, friendly atmosphere. There were lots of activities to take part in or, if you preferred, you could just relax on one of the outdoor sofas and people/alpaca watch! I feel as if we had a chilled out day, although we did manage to do quite a lot. As soon as we got there we got tickets to walk an alpaca. Our alpaca was called Agamemnon and he was fabulous! 

Erin had the first ‘go’ at walking him (once I had established that he wasn’t about to take off, trailing her behind him!). She acted as if she had been walking alpacas all her life, very calm and collected and totally took it in her stride!

Here’s the obligatory alpaca selfie of Agamemnon and I – he was just adorable! I was so glad I got him when I saw another alpaca called Lord Sutch who dug his feet in and refused to move, and another called Felix who was towing an unfortunate little boy around with fine disregard of where the boy chose to walk!

Here are three crias or baby alpacas. I think they were about two months old. And so nosy! On the farm tour we were taken into the field with them and their mothers, and they walked right up to us to have a good look!

While we were walking Agamemnon  (really, such an awesome name!) my husband took lots of pictures. He was captivated by the cloud formations and got this beautiful picture.

The kids all enjoyed their day out, although both of my boys seemed to need little naps at intervals. But then I’d fuel them with a bit more cake  and they’d be good to go for a bit longer!

And to finish off, a few more alpacas! Because you can never have too many!!

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