To do list

– Dye yarn
– Dye tops


– Sew bags
– Make stitch markers


– Get hair cut so I don’t look like something that has been hiding in the depths of the Brecon Beacons for the winter.
– Dye more yarn
– Make super attractive and inspiring signage for the stall which will attract every visitor who passes.
– Test my credit card machine
– Make sure I have jeans without holes in
– Wear in my lush new purple trainers
– Don’t forget Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook etc in my excitement
– Dye more tops
– Sew more bags


– Print oodles of labels
– Check my shawls haven’t mouldered away since I last looked at them.
– Engage with my children once in a while (note to self; remember to pick Erin up from school every day. While she is very mature for her age, she isn’t quite old enough at 3 to bring herself home).
– Knit for sanity
– Gratefully (and tearfully, I expect) accept any and all offers of help
– Dye more yarn
– Make more stitch markers
– Bags? A couple more couldn’t hurt!
– Remember to hug my husband – without his help with the housework and childcare there’s no way I’d be able to contemplate any of this!

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