Terrifying serendipity!

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Today, I want to write about happy chance. Or how events collide and coincide to make the right things happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days about the timing of the phone call offering me the stall at Wonderwool. A couple of weeks earlier and we would all have been unwell with a stomach bug and I wouldn’t have felt up to the challenge. Even a few days later and I would have considered that there just wouldn’t be enough time to prepare. But, as luck would have it, I had just received a large delivery of undyed yarn. I had plenty of fabric to hand to sew. My boxes of charms were adequately provisioned to make oodles of stitch markers.

A few weeks back, we had thought about going away in this coming week. Rob even booked time off work. But then we couldn’t decide where to go, and so instead of going away for the sake of going away, we decided on a staycation with some meals out and a couple of day trips instead. Saving on the packing and the expenditure on a holiday home. Which means now that there will be two or three fewer main meals to cook next week, and my husband will be home and able to help entertain the children whilst I’m working.

Last week I ordered more bag labels and decided to order a large quantity as it worked out at a much more favourable price per item. So I’ve got plenty (and to spare) for what I’ll make for the show. I bought some really cute fabric and ribbon which arrived on Tuesday too.

I had already researched card machines and insurance, so I knew exactly where to go to sort those out. Tables are provided by the organisers, so that is one less thing to find. And I’ve got plenty of shawls that I can display on the walls. So it feels like I’m on top of the peripheral things, if only I can have enough stock made to put together a good display!

When I applied to exhibit at Wonderwool originally, I booked a room at a bed and breakfast as I had heard that accommodation in the area books up quite quickly. And in all honesty, a contributing factor was the sound of the awesome cooked breakfast, guaranteed to set you up for the day! And then when I heard that my original application had been unsuccessful, I decided to keep the reservation and have a yarny weekend. Which took away the need for me to spend time looking for somewhere to sleep at relatively short notice!

Maybe I’m just better organised than I thought I was, but it does seem serendipitous that I’m in a position to be able to exhibit at this very large yarn festival with only a little over three weeks to prepare!

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