21 days!

Since I accepted the offer of a stall at Wonderwool on Tuesday  (ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodness!!) I needed to get moving fast with my preparations. As of today, I have twenty one days left to make things, which would take it right up to the last day. Which might not be advisable!

So far, I’ve created eight new colourways, started dyeing a pile of sock blanks and a heap of gradient sock yarns.


I’ve planned miniskein sets, got thirty project bags underway and started working through my charm boxes to make up many sets of stitch markers. I’ve ordered (and received, yay!) a card reader for accepting card payments on the stall. I’ve ordered a banner for the stall wall and a big box of business cards. The postman just delivered some shelves for display and I’m hoping that some extra dyeing supplies will be arriving soon!

I’m writing all this down as much to reassure myself that I’m on track as to record my “journey to Wonderwool”, as I do have a strong propensity to panic and I simply don’t have time to stress out!

Erin doing an early morning quality control!

I’ve received so many lovely comments from lots of people, which means a lot to me. It seems that plenty of you seem to think that I’m capable of doing this, so I’ll do my very best to live up to your expectations!