Quay Shawlette KAL prize drawing!

Firstly, I want to apologise for being so late in drawing for these prizes. However, I’ve been sick with the Killer Never Ending Cold Which Was Probably Plague, and although I’m on the mend, I still don’t look really healthy. Just to make the point, I have this photo for you, freshly snapped…


…Hopefully I’m looking and feeling healthier next week so that I can podcast as promised, and generally get back into the swing of things!

Anyway, to return to the point, I decided that I should just get on with drawing the winners and stop waiting until I am able to podcast without coughing all over you! I thought I could document the process in pictures and it would be almost as good as a video. Maybe.

To start, I made a highly professional and sophisticated list of entrants.


As you can see from this very high tech record, there were seventeen completed shawlette, all eligible to win the Sara’s Texture Crafts gift voucher. Ten of which were knitted using my yarn and thus eligible for the second prize drawing for free yarn!

Right, let’s get to the exciting bit. I’m really excited!


(Was that convincing?! It’s as excited as I get whilst sleep deprived and feeling self pitying about my sore throat and coughing!)

OK, I’ll find someone who is better at expressing excitement.


She wanted to record a short message for you. She’s missing podcasting already!

For the first prize, then, a £10 gift voucher to be spent at http://www.SarasTextureCrafts.com. I consulted random.org…


And the winner was number 9, Mollysmakes! Congratulations!! Please contact Sara directly and she will organise your prize with you!

Second prize, a custom dyed skein of my yarn; random.org chose number 8, BdLasGi!


Congratulations, Gi! Start thinking about what sort of colours you’d like, and whether you’d like sparkly or not sparkly yarn, and get in touch with me!