Special yarn for my KAL

I was looking through my stash to find out what yarn I had available for my Ravelry group’s  knit along of Sara’s Quay Shawlette pattern (which is starting on Tuesday) and decided that as I wanted to use a very variegated yarn, I didn’t really have anything suitable. And so I decided to dye something especially for this pattern. I thought and thought about it, trying to decide on a colour combination to use and then I remembered that the street by the harbour in the town I grew up in, Aberaeron, is called Quay Parade. As the pattern is called Quay Shawlette, this felt like it could be something that I could work with. Aberaeron is a beautiful little Georgian town in Mid Wales and the buildings are painted in every shade. Alongside the harbour the houses look like a rainbow marching down the street, and so when you take those colours together with the deep blue of the harbour at high tide and the sky blue of a hot summer’s day, you get a wonderful, cheerful palette.

I took this on a grey day a few years ago, but try to imagine it at high tide with a glorious bright blue sky!
Quay Parade is the street that runs down the left hand side of the picture. There are many better photos than mine if you do a quick Internet search!

And so I introduce the Quay Parade colourway. I’ve dyed it on Sparkle Owl and Cuddly Owl bases, the skein I’ll be keeping for myself is a sparkly one.



I can’t wait to cast on on September 1st now!

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