Knitters in the wild

We had a lovely impromptu excursion this afternoon. Having visited a relative near Caerphilly, I suggested that we could have lunch out as a treat, and then go somewhere new (to us) for a walk. So after a yummy and very filling lunch, we headed off to Fforest Fawr, which is a large section of woodland located just north of Cardiff.


Luckily, I’d left wellies in the car, so Erin could enjoy splodging through the mud. However, she has apparently become averse to dirt since the last walk like this we did, because she turned her nose up at the (very) muddy puddles we found for her to splash in (à la Peppa Pig) and requested some with clean water in!

The route we chose took us past lots of interesting wood sculptures, as well as a couple of swings that the boys really enjoyed. Ben, of course, climbed everything that it was possible to climb, while Erin was looking for “tracks” and “dens”.





I was saddened the other day to hear of another knitter being mocked for knitting in public. Dan from the Bakery Bears podcast in a recent episode spoke of how he had put up a picture on Facebook of himself knitting in York, and received a comment something along the lines of “if I’d seen you doing that I’d have slapped it out of your hands”! What an awful thing to say!

It annoys me so much when people put down any crafting, be it knitting, crochet, cross stitch or anything. What is wrong with being a creative person? What is wrong with choosing to spend your leisure moments in making something unique and beautiful? Why is it that no one would pass comment if I sat on a park bench, or in a café, playing a game on my phone, and yet bringing my knitting out in public is something to remark upon (and not always with kindness)?

So in defiance of the side-lookers and nay-sayers I brought my knitting out with me today (not that that was anything out of the ordinary, but there we are!) and didn’t get bored whilst waiting for my dinner to arrive, and found a few minutes to work on Erin’s school cardigan while the kids enjoyed riding the dragon.


I think that knitting in public and in company isn’t antisocial, so long as you don’t pick an intricate pattern that requires undivided attention! And for me, I find it calms my mind if I’m getting to feel anxious, just the passing of yarn through my fingers and the rhythmical movements of the needles are very soothing to me. Quite apart from which, I’m using my time productively, and it’s amazing how knitting can grow when you harness just those short amounts of time!


Here’s Erin’s school cardigan so far; as you can see I’m all but finished. Just the button band to go, ends to weave in and buttons to sew on. Hopefully this will get finished tomorrow.


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