Leaving a trail of bunnies in my wake!

At Easter, Susan Claudino released a new pattern, Bonbon Bunny. I immediately fell in love with this pattern and decided to knit a handful of them. I knit the first one using fingering weight handspun yarn in purple and that one’s mine!


As I was knitting that one, Erin saw it and then she fell in love, which meant that an order was placed for another one. She went through my fibre stash and picked out the brightest pink merino silk fibre she could find which I spun up into an approximately DK weight yarn. It took a while but eventually I got round to knitting it for her, even using the eyes that she’d picked out of the Amieyes Etsy shop.


I have two nieces similar in age to Erin who are both knitworthy! Their Mum, my sister in law, is always really appreciative when I take the time to make something and so it’s a pleasure to knit for them. I had already decided to knit bonbon bunnies for my nieces but this decision was made absolute when my younger niece, who isn’t quite two years old yet, saw Erin’s bonbon bunny and asked for it repeatedly. I sped up the knitting then and took bonbon bunny number 3 to her house last weekend. The beaming smile that she greeted me with when she unwrapped her bunny was worth the sore fingers! And so that just left one bunny to knit for her big sister. And he’s finished!



So now I’m four bunnies to the good and I’m slightly bunnied out! I’ll be taking a little rest from toy knitting until I’ve caught up with some of my other projects, including school cardigans for Erin. I’m knitting her two cardigans in red DK yarn from the Tallulah pattern. It’s a lovely knit so far and I love the sleeve detail. I’m past the awkward shoulder and arm shaping and I’m thundering on down the first sleeve. Only fifteen days to go until my baby girl is a big grown up schoolgirl (if only in the mornings for this year). But I wanted her to have nice warm cardigans to wear this winter and I was very unimpressed with what was on offer in the shops. So I need to knit fast because I don’t think I’m even half way on the first cardigan yet! Keep your fingers crossed for me (unless you’re a knitter in which case cross your toes!).

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