Since I’ve had a major acquisition this week and since I’m not going to be podcasting for a week or two I decided that I would write a little blog post about it instead. My lovely lovely husband has treated me to a brand new tablet as my old Google Nexus was getting very slow and the battery had more or less packed up. My new tablet is a Samsung Tab A and is a 10 inch tablet. I’ve been using tablets for most of my online activity for several years now since I developed a problem in my hands which gives me a lot of pain if I type regularly. Touch screens don’t seem to cause quite so many problems and so my tablets have been fantastic in keeping me online and connected with the outside world, which, as a stay at home mum is increasingly important to me. Not to mention running my Etsy shop and now using Instagram and podcasting. But I do miss regular blogging and since the pain in my hands started I haven’t blogged any where near as regularly as I used to. A feature on my old tablet that I never exploited was the voice recognition software. So I’m experimenting now to see whether I can dictate blog posts to my tablet. If I can this will be fantastic because it means that I can keep in touch with you all much more regularly and update you on my goings on via this blog because I won’t need to type anything. So far I haven’t typed any of this blog post; I have dictated it all to the tablet and have only noticed two mistakes. Correcting two mistakes is going to take considerably less time and pain than it would have done to have typed this whole blog post out on a traditional laptop!

So I think we can count this experiment as a success and I certainly plan on blogging far more regularly now. Although I set up this blog primarily to notify you all about shop news and new podcast episodes being released I will also be blogging about my everyday life from time to time as well as about my crafting which doesn’t involve yarn or fibre that I have dyed myself. But for today I am going back to spinning my Sara’s Texture Crafts Merino and watching the 10th stage of the Tour de France.

Chat to you again soon!

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