Episode One – …A Bit Nervous!

Podcasts I enjoy;
Wolfe Farms
Bakery Bears
Geeky Girls
Twitch and Stitch
The Knitting Den
Tilly Trout
And I forgot to mention the Knitworthy podcast

All can be found on YouTube.

Plus the Knitmoregirlspodcast.com – an audio podcast.

My WIPs – sock yarn blanket by Shelly Kang and Hermione’s Everyday Socks – both available free on Ravelry.com.

Plans – a visit to Wonderwool Wales (www.wonderwoolwales.com) which is on the weekend of 25/26-4-15. Then a trip to Devon to John Arbon’s Mill open day (www.jarbon.com) on the 17th May.